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We’re happy to share with you our close involvement in Hong Kong Russian Club , the latest ball was beautiful and we are proud that we have been including as a valuable participant


Maral farm + military show + tasting + crafts workshop

Walk through the Alpine forest, where herds freely graze at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.

Acquaintance with the military art of nomads of different historical eras, ceremonial parade of horses, horse archery, demonstration of the nomad yurt and cuisine, tasting of national dishes and drinks. Tasting of national delicacies (drinks, dessert, bakery), cooking workshop on the national cuisine.

Price per person, USD
1 person 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 persons 6 persons
210 122 105 87 76 76

Accommodation in yurts (per day, USD)       

                      2 persons   4 persons                              

Yurt "standard"       50           80 (single or double) * 2 yurts

Yurt "comfort"         64           96 (shower, toilet, TV)* 2 yurts

Yurt "authentic"      96           128 (authentic decoration, koshma, handmade) * 2 yurts    

Horse riding (15 min) - 4 USD

Archery (30 min) - 12 USD

Price per person $

Duration9 h. 00 min.

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